Brutal government plans for welfare ‘reform’ slammed by NW Hampshire Labour

Brutal government plans for welfare ‘reform’ have today been slammed by Sarah Evans, NW Hampshire’s Labour candidate at the last general election and NW Hampshire Labour Party chair Alan Cotter, who have called on MP George Young to have a heart and urge the government he is part of to abandon the Bill due to be debated on Monday.

Blue box is the £120 bn of unpaid, evaded and avoided tax, pink box is the £16 bn of unclaimed benefits, green box is the £1.5 bn of benefit fraud

Sarah Evans said: “This Bill is about taking £18 billion from the poor to help pay for £24 billion in tax breaks for the rich, and that is simply disgusting.

“While the government obsesses about benefit fraud, which costs £1.5 billion, unclaimed benefits account for a massive £16 billion, and big business and rich individuals get away with a staggering £120 billion in uncollected, avoided and evaded tax.

“There is clear evidence that shows the highest levels of work commitment are in societies that have generous welfare states, like Norway  and Sweden, and that when people feel like the welfare system demeans them and signifies failure they experience low personal worth and react against the system that oppresses them.

“Working people and the most vulnerable in our communities and are being targeted by the government, but there are already 2.5 million unemployed and fewer than 500,000 vacancies, yet the government demonises those out of work.

“The government has no strategy for growth and job creation, and its public-sector cuts will destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs in the desperate hope that the private sector will step in.

NW Hampshire Labour Party chair Alan Cotter said: “The Archbishop of Canterbury was right to say that people are frightened of these welfare reforms and the return of Victorian concepts like the deserving and undeserving poor.

This Bill is about returning us to the Poor Law which the welfare state was supposed to get rid of, and it is very clear that taking from the most vulnerable will damage lives, create more joblessness and ruin the future life chances of thousands, not least for the young.

“It is the sign of a developed country that it treats all its people with respect and dignity, looks after the vulnerable and provides welfare to ensure that everyone has what they need to exist, and this Bill does the opposite.”

Lobby your MP before the debate on June 13 – download the template letter here Template MP Lobby letter – Welfare Reform


About Sarah Evans

Community campaigner, working mum, Labour Party activist, chair of Hampshire Labour Representation Committee (LRC) and LRC national committee member.
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