Tory county council bosses condemned by NW Hampshire Labour for hoarding reserves and slashing vital services and jobs

Tory county council bosses have today been condemned by NW Hampshire Labour for hoarding more than £200 million in reserves while slashing vital services and axing more than 1,200 jobs.

 Labour has slammed the authority’s boast that it has banked another £48 million of public money – giving it the third-biggest reserves in the country – while it cuts £55 million from its budget.

Alan Cotter, NW Hampshire Labour chair said:  “It is appalling that this Tory council is sitting on such huge reserves, yet wants to close Cherry Orchard care home and other adult and children’s services.

“Along with 1,200 jobs, cuts to bus services, libraries and the 60 per cent cuts to youth services, it adds up to the nastiest attack on working people since the 1930s.

“The council’s financial position does not justify these cuts and underlines that the Tory party remains the nasty party because it is ideologically opposed to providing decent public services.

Sarah Evans, NW Hampshire’s Labour candidate at the last general election, said: “These cuts will cost lives and ruin the future life chances of the young and vulnerable, potentially leaving communities without adequate services when privateers like Southern Cross fold.

“The Tories are in economic cloud cuckoo land if they think that dismantling publicly run and funded services provided by dedicated staff will serve the needs of the people they are supposed to represent, or prove more efficient and cost effective in the long run.

“I worry for the young and the old and call on Hampshire County Council to reverse its plans and start putting working people, students and the elderly ahead of its ill-thought out plans.”

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About Sarah Evans

Community campaigner, working mum, Labour Party activist, chair of Hampshire Labour Representation Committee (LRC) and LRC national committee member.
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